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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Young policy

Youngest Grandson is setting his sights on the United States Postal Service.  A few weeks ago he wrote to the Postmaster General to complain about the possible Saturday closings.  He received a response - and it gave updated information about possible plans in the pipeline.

Today he wrote the PG another letter.  I have taken Youngest Grandson to four local post offices, each smaller than the other.  We seek out the ones no one knows about, except folks who live in the neighborhood.  Being avid members of postcrossing.com, we buy postage stamps regularly and are always on the lookout for the latest commemoratives.

The problem, according to YG, is that his hometown, with a population of 36,000, has two post offices but neither of them offers commemoratives.  In the large, downtown building there are two choices, both flag stamps.  In a smaller building next to the county courthouse there is one option, a flag stamp.  When he asks if other stamps are available, the grouchy old guy behind the counter spits out a stern NO and the conversation ends.  But when I take him to teeny-tiny post offices in our population of 10,000, the staff is friendly and has an array of commemoratives under a sheet of glass mounted on the counter.

So the complaint letter this time was about the lack of opportunity to choose commemoratives.  The only other option is to purchase online, but why should YG have to pay the $1.50 shipping cost for something that should be available in his own hometown?

This kid has my vote for Postmaster General.  You go for it, YG!

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