On 01.02.02, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Too late for surgery, I had chemotherapy, which failed. In May the chemotherapy was changed and I was soon in remission which was celebrated and welcome and lasted nine years - until October 2011. There was progression in 2011 so more treatment was indicated and I am now back in partial remission. But I'm not only a cancer patient - I also enjoy my family, walk my dogs and am learning to draw and paint. Life is good!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chilly cold

Demi was asleep on the sofa when I sat with her and began drawing. It's been cold and rainy today and, with weather like that, Demi is my favorite wimp. When she needs to go outside we open the door, she observes the weather and changes her mind. I thought black labrador retrievers were famous for diving into the icy waters off Labrador to help seize fish nets for the crew. Not my girl!


  1. We call those "lying" dogs in our house. Roxy will only go the door when she has to go outside or wants to bark at the neighbors dog. Taz, however, constantly lies to us and tells us she needs to go out but then just stands there. Since she's still a puppy we indulge her because this may be the time she really does have to go out. Dogs!

  2. Left a comment and forgot about that captcha thingy. My big dog loves wading pools and big buckets - any still water. Open the door to the rain though and she doesn't want to go out either.

  3. My yellow lab loves a swimming pool but not the rain. She will hold it for a whole day if it's wet out.

  4. I have one dog who likes to splash - especially in mud puddles!


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