On 01.02.02, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Too late for surgery, I had chemotherapy, which failed. In May the chemotherapy was changed and I was soon in remission which was celebrated and welcome and lasted nine years - until October 2011. There was progression in 2011 so more treatment was indicated and I am now back in partial remission. But I'm not only a cancer patient - I also enjoy my family, walk my dogs and am learning to draw and paint. Life is good!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How will my garden grow?

It's a good thing that it's still early spring and I haven't lost any gardening time. I'm stuck on Step One, building the first container box for my new Square Foot Garden. 

Buying the lumber was easy and cheap. Two inch thick Douglas Fir planks were cut into four-foot lengths and stacked in my car. That was the easy part.

In theory, Step Two is easy too. All I have to do is screw some deck screws into the boards, maybe two or three per corner. And that's where it all ended. I have a power drill, albeit a weak one. I have a l-o-n-g drill bit to reach all the way into the second board. But when I start driving in the screw, it enters about two inches and stops. I mean really stops. It just can't drive it in any farther and I certainly don't have the wrist strength to force the issue.

So... I guess it's time to go to Sears and power up to something better. I wouldn't bother if I only had one box to construct. In that case, I'd make do. I'd use some sort of metal bracketing on the outside or glue or whatever might withstand the weather. (Probably not the glue.) But my goal is to build several boxes -- the original 4x4, then smaller boxes like 3x3 or even 2x2 and a long 1x something along the fence line. 

I want flowers, I want veggies, I want fruit, I want everything possible, one container box at a time. It won't all be done this season. And, at the rate I'm going, container #1 might not be done until time to harvest!

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  1. I have to get this book and try this! My own home grown veggies? I want!


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