On 01.02.02, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Too late for surgery, I had chemotherapy, which failed. In May the chemotherapy was changed and I was soon in remission which was celebrated and welcome and lasted nine years - until October 2011. There was progression in 2011 so more treatment was indicated and I am now back in partial remission. But I'm not only a cancer patient - I also enjoy my family, walk my dogs and am learning to draw and paint. Life is good!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just finish it!

I'm always looking for new projects for the kids at Juvenile Hall. These are kids with very limited art skills, skills even below mine, and who lack self confidence that they can do anything. So today I'm bringing in some pictures from National Geographic magazines which I have more or less centered on the page and I'm asking the boys to finish the pictures in any way they like -- realistically or imaginatively -- but with some sort of coherence to the starting image. They can choose the picture they want to work with and they can use Prismacolor pencils. I always show them what I did so they won't be too intimidated. So now I'm showing you.


  1. Great that you're doing this stuff with kids. Good for you. I like this image - it has a tropical feel.

  2. That was a great idea you had. I hope they enjoyed the exercise.


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