On 01.02.02, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Too late for surgery, I had chemotherapy, which failed. In May the chemotherapy was changed and I was soon in remission which was celebrated and welcome and lasted nine years - until October 2011. There was progression in 2011 so more treatment was indicated and I am now back in partial remission. But I'm not only a cancer patient - I also enjoy my family, walk my dogs and am learning to draw and paint. Life is good!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Straight out of the Great Depression

It's the best board game yet! Invented during the US Depression it has been translated into many "languages" -- in this case, British pounds. We were playing this evening with wonderful friends. We were wheeling and dealing, just like it's played in the American dollar version. I remember being a kid in Chicago. We played secretly, hiding our loot behind boxes where we would furtively count out our funds and mortgage ourselves to the hilt. Sometimes we kept a game going all week...or longer. Tonight's game -- I won! YES!

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