On 01.02.02, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Too late for surgery, I had chemotherapy, which failed. In May the chemotherapy was changed and I was soon in remission which was celebrated and welcome and lasted nine years - until October 2011. There was progression in 2011 so more treatment was indicated and I am now back in partial remission. But I'm not only a cancer patient - I also enjoy my family, walk my dogs and am learning to draw and paint. Life is good!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She sells seashells

Our art therapy class is still working on mandalas. Yesterday we were asked to consider the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water - and to construct a mandala depicting one or more of these. I chose Water and began with a seashell and added waves and sparkling highlights. It was calming, fun, relaxing.

Beulie attends all my classes with me. She is a caped puppy-in-training from Canine Companions for Independence and I cross my fingers every day that she will actually graduate (only about 25-30% actually make the grade). She's a wonderful dog, now ten months old, and accompanies me to class, chemotherapy, shopping, church and just about everywhere I go.

I keep saying this is a gorgeous fall. Here are some maple leaves and squash and pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch. I love living in a semi-rural area.


  1. I just popped over from the Everyday Matter Group. You have an incredibly inspiring blog! I love what you said about not making art an event. Why do we make it so darn important? It definately should just be something we do.

  2. It's a beautiful mandala. Love the colors you used.


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